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TurnKey Content Solutions

Turn content into your growth engine with our help.

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MJ TurnKey Content Solutions is a full suite of products and services for global businesses and small companies for which content is critical to their success. Our solutions are flexible and work as independent building blocks. But you can stack them together however you want, seamlessly, to make your work day easier.

Create something amazing with dynamic building blocks

One-stop-shop content marketing platform

Attract customers with content marketing, SEO, and newsletter management performed all in one place; offer them multiple subscription options; and reward their commitment with a program that strengthens their brand loyalty.

Content delivery technologies

Give customers content as interactive simulations, specialized reference articles, MCQs, and other exciting formats; and provide them alternatives to enjoy your work via any mobile or tablet device, or from a web browser.

Multi-format content creation engine

Perform writing tasks with teams of writers and editors; define and implement comprehensive content quality reviews; organize and lead multiple workflows simultaneously; and control your document versions.

Content production/editorial advisory services

Identify writer and editor profiles; define and implement system quality assurance programs; define and document standard operating procedures; and manage your costs, quality, and innovation efforts over time.

Content strategy advisory services

Align business goals with your content capabilities; find what content is valuable to customers and how best to deliver it; identify the resources and tools necessary to execute your plan; and lead your team while optimizing your strategy.

If you want a practical and effective solution that can be tailored to meet your most diverse and challenging business needs—one that will pay itself off within a reasonable time frame—our turnkey content solutions are for you.

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