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Clinical Odyssey for Organizations

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Clinical Odyssey for Organizations is a unique clinical skills development tool for leaders who want to give medical students and teams more practical experience with diverse clinical challenges. It offers realistic, evidence-based content that is peer-reviewed by certified specialists from around the world (the MJ IMB); and is designed to accompany most structured educational/training programs in universities, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare-related businesses.

Clinical Odyssey for Organizations is an adaptation of our highly acclaimed Clinical Odyssey product for individuals, which is used by thousands of university students and practicing healthcare professionals each year.

If you want a rich library of evidence-based titles (Clinical Sense adventure scenarios, Explain Medicine reference articles, Prognosis: Your Diagnosis case studies, and more)–one that your users will love, and that will help them become better professionals faster–Clinical Odyssey for Organizations is for you.

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Help others gain plenty of practical experience with 600+ learning modules.

Choose from a growing catalog of learning modules (LMs) that spans more than 500 conditions and disease. LMs are succinct content units providing just the right amount of information needed to achieve a specific task and strengthen a clinical concept. You can assign one or more LMs to entire groups, or to single individuals, giving your users the chance to practice repeatedly, reinforcing important knowledge all the time and anywhere.

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Enjoy peace of mind with authoritative and trustworthy content.

Rely on LMs carefully crafted in-house by experienced clinicians, and peer-reviewed by the members of the MJ International Medical Board (the MJ IMB). LMs have valuable metadata, including: specialties and organ systems explored, ICD 10 codes, and publication references. This information helps you decide which LMs work best for your users. In addition, all LMs pass a continuous quality assurance program that runs from their initial draft to their final retirement.

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Gain more freedom with a practical and user-friendly technology.

Plug Clinical Odyssey for Organizations into your LMS or use its cloud-based management console, whichever option you prefer. Clinical Odyssey for Organizations meets the Learning Tools Interoperability 1.3 standard (LTI 1.3), meaning that you can embed its LMs into Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, or any other LMS. When using the cloud-based management console, there is no need for software downloads or complex synchronizations. Just go online and get down to work easily.

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Understand your users’ progress with detailed performance data.

Understand how your users are progressing in their learning with rich data sets and analytics functions that show their use of Clinical Odyssey for Organizations. The data points captured can be standard or customized to your needs; while analytics functions cover group and individual performance per playable LM, number of times an LM was accessed, the time spent on an LM, and more. Any data generated by your users is immediately accessible to you, and yours to keep.

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Solve tech and medical inquiries with a team dedicated to you.

Clinical Odyssey for Organizations offers a support team ready to assist you during office hours or customized to meet your specific operational needs. The support team is a part of the product development and experience units, a setup ensuring that you will always receive the best response to any technical or medical inquiries. Medical inquiry support is also available for your users via physician-moderated discussion boards–should you want this extra help.

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Advance professionally with a product priced to let you do more.

Clinical Odyssey for Organizations has plans designed to accommodate specific needs. Normally it is a pay-as-you-go service, billed monthly around the number of individual users who access it (no hidden fees); but other billing options are available. You can also decide whether your organization or end users pay for it. Best of all, it is priced so that you can still afford other teaching resources, ensuring personalized learning for your students and teams, and greater professional freedom for you.

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How content is presented

Content in Clinical Odyssey for Organizations is available under four titles, each a didactic format tailored to meet your users’ multiple learning styles and needs:

Clinical Sense

Interactive scenarios to help improve a user’s ability to appropriately manage a patient over time (from presentation to admission to discharge and follow-up). Scenarios provides relevant facts and succinct explanations behind the underlying diagnostic and management rationale. They are intended to cover medical knowledge in breadth, and take between 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Explain Medicine

Reference articles to help a user stay up to date by providing easy-to-understand facts that are directly backed by citations to papers in peer-reviewed journals or standard textbook chapters. Articles have information presented as fact-explanation pairs (i.e., a succinct fact is paired with a detailed explanation). They are intended to be read independently of one another, and take between 10 and 15 minutes to read.

Prognosis: Your Diagnosis

Interactive case studies to help improve a user’s ability to identify the most appropriate investigations and optimal presentations, giving comprehensive explanations behind the underlying clinical thought process and rationale supporting today's most appropriate interventions. Case studies are highly focused. They are intended to cover medical knowledge in depth, and take between five and 10 minutes to complete.

QBank Prepper (New!)

Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) to help focus a user’s test-prep time on medical knowledge blocks that can be more easily understood and recalled. MCQs provide relevant facts and succinct explanations justifying the rationale for each best answer recommended. They are properly backed by citations to papers in peer-reviewed journals or standard textbook chapters, can be used independently of one another, and take between one and two minutes to complete.

The learning module (LM) as the basic unit of knowledge

In Clinical Odyssey for Organizations every Clinical Sense scenario, Explain Medicine article, Prognosis: Your Diagnosis case, and QBank Prepper MCQ is a learning module (LM).

LMs provide just the right amount of information for a user to achieve a specific task and strengthen a clinical concept. Irrespective of the Clinical Odyssey title to which they belong, every LM includes:

  • descriptive metadata for defining the main topic (subject and organ system covered, and learning topics covered);
  • names of author and peer reviewers;
  • facts essential for comprehending the main topic;
  • contextual information for narrowing the scope of the main topic;
  • explanations for understanding all clinical reasoning pertinent to the main topic;
  • facts, contextual information, and explanations of secondary topics;
  • detailed citations and references supporting the knowledge provided in the LM; and
  • discussion boards for engaging other users and the MJ medical team (optional).

Combined, these features have proven to make LMs powerful resources capable of delivering bite-sized knowledge with a big learning impact.