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Clinical Sense: University Edition

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Bring the power of gamified learning into your classroom and enhance your teaching strategies with this adaptation of our acclaimed Clinical Sense app.

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What our users are saying

a day ago

This is exactly what i was looking for. Thanks guys. I like all the details in this app. One thing I would suggest is to work on the UI.

3 days ago

Excellent for diagnosing/ diagnostic process and using critical thinking skills. I also use it to develop SOAP notes.

Nazmul Hasan Alif
12 days ago

Loved it, as a medical student, it has so many interesting cases that will help in managing patients.Though the actions are a little routine approach rather than a creative one, I loved it.

17 days ago

This is the type of app I have been looking for. It does not overload your brain with irrelevant information and unhelpful diagrams. I would appreciate if you uploaded explanations for common respiratory conditions: COPD, Pleural effusion, empyema. Thank you.

Robert Flores
17 days ago

Again, thank you. The app has helped me a lot sharpen further my clinical eye, and the treatment recommendations are very handy and useful. Browsing, though, is a bit sluggish. Hope you can fix that...anyways, excellent job!

18 days ago

Ritengo che sia la migliore applicazione in assoluto in questo momento. Facile, interattiva, ben fatta. In particolare è da apprezzare l’accurata discussione al termine dei vari casi proposti. Discussione e commento basate su pubblicazioni scientifiche di rilievo con ricca bibliografia annessa. ECCEZIONALE.

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