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Clinical Odyssey for Organizations

Quality assurance

The titles offered under Clinical Odyssey for Organizations are carefully designed to meet strict medical, didactical, technological, and user experience specifications that maximize their learning effectiveness. Read more to discover what makes every Clinical Sense adventure scenario, Explain Medicine reference article, Prognosis: Your Diagnosis case study and QBank Prepper MCQ a reliable learning publication for healthcare professionals worldwide.

A creative process built on meticulous attention to detail

In Clinical Odyssey for Organizations, new learning modules (LMs) are published regularly while existing LMs are updated regularly as well. LMs are written in-house by our team of experienced and carefully-vetted clinicians, and peer-reviewed by one or more members of our International Medical Board (the MJ IMB). IMB members are experienced professionals accredited by the governing body in their country of practice, or senior specialist trainees enrolled in a fully accredited medical academic program.

Creating an LM takes plenty of attention to detail and lots of practice. The process consists of five stages (below), each with one or more quality checks to ensure that the work we do is of the highest standard. Additionally, three of our five creation stages are purely about quality control:

  • draft writing,
  • compliance reviews (CRs),
  • editorial review,
  • International Medical Board (IMB) review, and
  • final approval.

At Medical Joyworks, CR consist of an exhaustive set of criteria used to revise and evaluate our authors’ work. For instance, the CR for an Explain Medicine reference article–the smallest of our LM types–covers 43 criteria split across three categories: structural, text, and medical quality. All LMs must attain a perfect CR score of 100% before they can advance to the next creation stages.

An LM’s editorial review is done by Medical Joyworks’s editor-in-chief. This inspection ensures that the LM’s CR didn’t miss anything. Our editor-in-chief also helps guarantee that the LM’s tone and style are consistent with those found across all of our publications.

The IMB review is a peer-review process validating the realistic nature and academic quality of our work. We like to view our LMs as a form of scholarly publication with real-life application. Therefore, we uphold their quality and validity as such with the help of our IMB members. There are more than 180 recognized specialist physicians from around the world in our IMB Program. These professionals are actively working in academia, government, and industry; and one or more may be involved in revising a single LM.

In the final approval stage, LMs are revised one more time by our team to ensure that all inputs, edits, and corrections have been taken into account. If something is not right, we will fix the problem immediately. We will also assess (then and there) the root cause of the problem identified, taking whatever steps necessary to make certain that the same mistake is not repeated later.

Discussion boards, customer support, and continuous improvements

Ensuring the quality of our LMs goes well beyond the creation process. In fact, we conduct periodic reviews of our content to certify that they are accurate, up to date, and complete.

Moreover, every conversation with you in discussion boards, product reviews, emails, and calls is used to assess our work’s effectiveness. We carefully analyze these interactions to determine whether an LM is delivering as promised, including whether your users can understand it fully. If something is not right, we will acknowledge it with you and resolve it immediately. We will also determine the root cause of the issue, taking whatever steps necessary so that the same mistake is not repeated later.

With a team of physicians, specialists, language experts, programmers, and production engineers behind all of our work, it is no wonder that you can always rely on our different titles and their library of LMs!