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Join the IMB

Peer review content for physicians worldwide!

If you are a specialist physician, or a senior specialist trainee, and would like to become a member of our International Medical Board, apply by filling out the form below. When selected, you will be required to submit documents verifying your specialist/specialist trainee status.

Volunteering matters

Volunteer work can be meaningful, fulfilling and a “noble thing to do”. However, we view your IMB involvement as an opportunity for your own professional development.

As an IMB member, you benefit by:

  • being able to claim Continuing Professional Development (CPD) / Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits with your respective specialist association or certifying board for your peer reviewer activities with us*,
  • receiving specialist recognition throughout our global community of medical users,
  • having your name attached to any of our publications as a specialist reviewer, giving you further prominence in your field, and by
  • experiencing the friendliest, most professional and personally rewarding experiences we can offer.

*IMB members must first contact their respective specialist association or certifying board to learn whether they can claim CPD credits with MJ. Once confirmed, IMB members can contact us so that we may provide the necessary assistance required to move forward.

How it works

Being an IMB member is easy. Once you have joined, we will contact you whenever a publication matching your interests and expertise becomes available for review. You can choose whether to decline or commit to the review; we will be fine either way. All IMB reviews are done in English, so you will have to be able to write clearly for us to understand you.

After your review is complete, you simply send it back to us and that is it. Occasionally, a released publication might generate intense debate among our users. Should this be the case, we may contact you for additional insights and guidance in addressing user queries on medical content.

Content you review will always be revised by our editor in chief prior to its release. This ensures that we maintain editorial consistency throughout all of our work, and protects you from liability with regards to your inputs. After all, our publications are copyright of Medical Joyworks, LLC, so it is our responsibility to get them right.

Because we fund other workers involved in the creation of our medical learning products, and strive to deliver fact-based, unbiased, neutral medical content across everything we do, IMB membership is a pro-bono commitment. Therefore, in general we will only contact you once a month to review a publication.

With that in mind, join us in making a difference worldwide!

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