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Sandaruwan and I have co-founded and run companies together for more than 13 years, including these past 7 at Medical Joyworks. Both of us are award-winning programmers and business entrepreneurs, with exceptional experiences and backgrounds that complement each other when managing our business.

Medical Joyworks functions as a distributed organization; with our team, suppliers and contributors spread across the entire globe. Together, Sandaruwan and I run our company making decisions collaboratively always, and basing our actions on facts whenever possible.

It is difficult to state which one of us does what exactly. However, as the only practicing physician among the two, I am accountable for all of our medical content’s accuracy, relevance and prevalence.

As Medical Joyworks continues to grow, we are incorporating a talented executive body to help lead the company.

Here is where Miguel comes into play; a rare find of operations, strategy and people skills who is ensuring that everyone remains engaged and focused while delivering the innovations our customers want. Moreover, he and the team are here to challenge Sandaruwan and me by questioning our assumptions, helping us derive new insights and become better at our jobs; all while ensuring the firm’s continued financial success.

We believe that evidence-based learning is a necessity for individual and societal well-being and progress. Our species can only thrive with it. Thus, we are strongly committed to reimagining learning, not just for people across the healthcare sector, but for the world at large.

Learning should be more easily accessible, thought provoking and effective. And, yes, learning should also be more fun.

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Nayana Somaratna

CEO & Co-Founder

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Nayana Somaratna
CEO & Co-Founder

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Sandaruwan Gunathilake
CTO & Co-Founder

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Miguel Molina