Musculoskeletal System

{"ops":[{"insert":"Diagnosis and reasoning"},{"insert":"\n","attributes":{"header":1}},{"insert":"This young man presented following an accidental fall and entrapment in a ventilator shaft for a prolonged period. A primary survey, as per Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) guidelines, revealed signs suggestive of hypovolemic shock, which responded to urgent fluid resuscitation.\n \nNow that he is stabilized, the secondary survey should commence. This reveals diffuse bruising across the entire left side of his body. When considered along with his prolonged immobilization and previous hypovolemic shock, this should immediately raise concern for crush syndrome.\n \nSpecial attention must be paid to the swelling seen over the left shoulder; crush syndrome is often associated with compartment syndrome. However, the relevant muscle compartments a"}]}

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