Immune System

{"ops":[{"insert":"Diagnosis and reasoning"},{"insert":"\n","attributes":{"header":1}},{"insert":"This young man has presented with a solitary, painless, erythematous, non-healing ulcer on his left thumb for six weeks - an interesting clinical conundrum; the differential diagnoses can be broadly classified into infectious and non-infectious etiologies.\n \nWith respect to the former, the key diagnoses to consider include cutaneous leishmaniasis, given his travel history; sporotrichosis, due to his occupation as a gardener; and cutaneous tuberculosis, which is a common cause of chronic cutaneous ulcers.\n \nKey non-infectious causes include neoplasms such as basal and squamous cell carcinoma, soft tissue sarcoma, and keratoacanthoma.\n\nGiven the possibility of leishmaniasis, microscopic examination of skin scrapings is a good first test, as i"}]}

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