Endocrine System

{"ops":[{"insert":"Diagnosis and reasoning"},{"insert":"\n","attributes":{"header":1}},{"insert":"This 57 year-old man has presented with almost a textbook \u0027thunderclap\u0027 headache, in association with visual disturbances and confusion; this is a highly concerning presentation which mandates urgent evaluation.\n\nKey etiologies to consider in this respect include subarachnoid hemorrhage, cerebral venous sinus thrombosis and cervical artery dissection, all of which are life-threatening conditions.\n\nExamination in turn reveals bilateral papilledema, suggesting at intracranial hypertension; it also reveals reduced visual acuity in the right eye, and most interestingly, bitemporal hemianopsia, which is most often a sequela of compression of the optic chiasm.\n \nIn this context, the optic chiasm compression might be secondary to tumoral lesions s"}]}

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