Multisystem Processes & Disorders

{"ops":[{"insert":"Diagnosis and reasoning"},{"insert":"\n","attributes":{"header":1}},{"insert":"Acute back pain is one of the most common presentations in clinical practice; while due to benign causes in the majority of patients, it can also herald serious disease.\n\nIn such patients, the presence of \u0027red flag\u0027 signs and symptoms is helpful in determining whether severe pathology may underlie; perusal of this young man\u0027s history reveals two such red flags: back pain which is worse at night, and the presence of associated fever and chills, mandating further evaluation.\n\nExamination reveals the presence of tenderness over the right sacroiliac joint, with no evidence of involvement of the hip or lumbar spine.\n\nIn view of his age and gender, spondyloarthropathies are a major consideration, with both ankylosing spondylitis (AS) and reactive"}]}

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