Reye Syndrome


Step 1: View clinicals

A 4 year old girl presents following multiple episodes of vomiting and confusion over a 4 hour period. She had a ‘flu-like' illness 5 days ago, and still continues to experience a low grade fever. Her mother had treated this using an over the counter formulation containing Aspirin. Her medical history is unremarkable, and all immunizations are up to date. A complete blood count, serum electrolyte assay, arterial blood gas assay, and noncontrast CT brain are all found to be normal.

Step 2: Order all relevant investigations

Random Plasma Glucose

54 mg/dL (60-100)

Liver Profile

S. Albumin: 4.6 g/dL (3.9-5) S. Bilirubin: 0.7 mg/dL (<1) AST: 850 U/L (<50) ALT: 1270 U/L (<40) Prothrombin time: 20s (11-15) S. Ammonia: 243 mmol/L (17-68)

Lumbar Puncture

You remember that lumbar puncture is best avoided in patients with a coagulopathy.

Liver Biopsy stat

You recall that liver biopsies are contraindicated in patients with a deranged prothrombin time.

Step 3: Select appropriate management

IV 10% Glucose
Fresh Frozen Plasma
ICU Care
IV Antibiotics

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