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The A.T. Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona (SOMA) and Medical Joyworks are evolving its No. 1 medical app Prognosis to align with SOMA’s unique clinical presentation ..... Using Prognosis, students will be presented with simulated patient encounters and asked to evaluate and treat the patient.

Still Magazine (June, 2013)

Traditional medical education is commonly considered boring and time consuming, yet as every doctor knows, practicing medicine is interesting and challenging ... the Prognosis: Your Diagnosis app takes this idea and converts it into a simple, but effective game in which doctors play out a diagnostic process similar to real life.

World Summit Awards: Winner in the category m-Environment & Health (February, 2013)

If watching House on TV has you itching to sort out symptoms for yourself, then Prognosis: Your Diagnosis may be the cure. Solve medical case studies based on actual patients, with a new case added every weekend.

Discover Magazine (December, 2012)

... its educational value is what makes this app worthwhile to students and teachers alike changing the pace of the learning process.

iMedicalApps (September, 2012)

The game evaluates the user’s performance and provides feedback, together with a discussion written by leading consultants, physicians or surgeons.

Journal of Hospital Librarianship (April, 2012)

The purpose of this app is to work through case based scenarios and decide appropriate investigations and management for the patient. In each case, a succinct history and physical examination findings are presented and then the user is required to choose the relevant investigations. Results of the investigations are then provided and a decision is needed to decide which management option is best.

Student BMJ (April, 2012)

Fun to use in your spare time.The interactive nature of the app for choosing diagnostic tests and management options, with feedback, keeps the user interested

Bulletin of The Royal College of Surgeons of England (January, 2012)

....allows medical students, junior doctors or anyone wanting to test their diagnostic skills with a range of clinical case studies.

Australian Doctor (December, 2011)

Tired of poring over long, complicated medical case studies? Try Prognosis: Your Diagnosis – a fun and free game that lets you investigate, deduce and diagnose real life medical cases within minutes.

The Medical Futurist (Scienceroll) (November, 2010)

Praises from Clinical Sense users

“I'm obsessed with this app. Not only does it have multiple scenarios which are each different from the other, but it uses medical terminology instead of baby talk.”

Mollie, United States

“It's one of the best free app for medics. The cases presentation is simple and easy to understand and remember. A must have app. Thanks!”

Fubua, India

“A very well designed app with cases to make you think and learn critically. Full of referenced information so you know you're picking up the right guidelines.”

N.I., Singapore

“I love it, it's my new favorite app! The writing is very good and detailed and is the best way I can spend my (not very generous) spare time as a medical student without feeling all guilty. Thank you to the creators!”

Alex, United States

“This is a great app. All the scenarios are well researched and very informative. A BIG well done!”

Abey, South Africa

“Very nice and useful application. I advise every doctor to use it.”

A. Botebian, Saudi Arabia

“Great way to play and study at the same time! Very realistic. Love it!”

S. K., Uruguay

“This is the best medical app I have seen. Great job and bravo!!!”

Ajmal, Denmark

“Helped me a lot!”

Julian, Germany

“Great for relax while studying :) Love it!”

Ferinx, Thailand

Praises from Explain Medicine users

“Good app for med students. Helps explain pathophysiology of symptoms for a certain disease, helping you understand a patient’s presentation. Useful stuff :). Keep up the awesome work :D”


“Being a medical student, this app was such a good time invested for me to brush up, especially for final year students. Keep updating it. Good work guys. :-)”


“Readily accessible UI. Concise while comprehensive, up-to-date and referenced content.”

An Long

“Splendid work by developers. This is a must have application for every Graduate, PG and practitioners.”


“I want to thank you guys for all the amazing apps, not just this one. You guys rock. Thank you again and again.”


“I like it this app; it's very useful for med students. I give it 5 stars.”


“This is exactly what a medical student needs.”


“It can't get any better.5 out of 5.thank you so much”


“I really love this app. It provides concise and accurate information.”


“Concise app.”


Praises from Prognosis users

“I love this app. It is so informative and easy to use and a great way to test your examination and diagnostic skills. The discussion section at the end of each case is very informative and educational. I have learned a huge amount from this app.”

Whellad, United Kingdom

“This app is excellent for improving critical thinking! Perfect for student MDs, PAs, AGACNPs, and FNPs. The app provides you a case study, diagnostic/lab values, options to order additional diagnostics, and prescribe treatments.”

Stump, United States

“A great program for assessing your medical know how. Medical students will get testing that prepares them for the OSCE exam, while physicians will enjoy testing their knowledge base over a wide variety of cases.”

Brian, Canada

“When you read the clinical scenario you feel it will be an easy case, and that it can be easily managed. Well, in each instance I have missed something small and learned so much. Easily five stars.”

Toni, United States

“I love the cases! There are so many varieties. This is really helping me learn. I would recommend this app to everyone.”

Zoe, Canada

“It's a good game for learning clinical medicine. Strongly recommend this app for all medical students!”

A. Lee, Hong Kong

“Excellent app to review your medical knowledge. It's fun to use and you can learn new things!”

Antonis, Greece

“This is the best app for med students to kill time.”

Turali, Turkey

“What do I need to say other than that it’s lovely.”

Warden, India

“Fantastic app, simply mind blowing... ❤️❤️❤️”

Mehran, United States