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Using these assets

The materials available in this pressroom may be used for multiple communication purposes. Where the purpose is not covered by the fair use doctrine, written approval by Medical Joyworks, LLC is required.

To gain approval from us, please send your written request via email to:
Attn. Ms. Poornima Perera, Administration Manager

In your written request, include a clear explanation of the purpose for using the materials requested.

When your request is for the use of images, provide an example for how our images will be used. Your materials should be submitted in a standard format (Word, PDF, JPG, etc.), and be of high quality.

In addition, make sure that you include:

  • your contact details (with an email and telephone number),
  • where you want to show our materials,
  • how many viewers/readers/impressions do you expect to receive, and
  • an English translation of your materials, where needed.

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