An important message regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to read more.

A message regarding the COVID-19 pandemic

Dear medical colleagues,

The global outbreak of COVID-19 is a significant challenge affecting the whole medical community. Some of you may be wondering why we have not released a learning module on coronavirus yet. This is due to a number of reasons, including:

  1. the variation in treatment and isolation procedures depending on country/region,
  2. the rapidly changing nature of national/regional guidelines, and
  3. the lack of evidence based guidelines with regards to testing and treatment.

Given the above, we want to avoid fearmongering and the spread of incorrect information which has been rife during the pandemic. Rather, for now we can only recomment that you observe the guidelines provided to you by the competent authorities in your region, and remain informed using the following sources:

Our thoughts are with you all during these stressful and challenging times.


The Medical Joyworks Team