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Experienced partners to develop, communicate and monetize your STEM innovations

Procure exceptional content services, optimize your digital presence, and advertise to the clients that you want.

Commercialize your innovations

Benefit from advisers with years of successful experience ideating, developing and growing innovations under the Medical Joyworks brand. Of course, your subject expertise far exceeds ours. But with Monsoon Yeti you can profit from our essential business know-how.

Get your ideas to market →

Add new revenue streams

Offer your specialized knowledge as an app similar to Prognosis: Your Diagnosis or Clinical Sense by Medical Joyworks. Not all expertise can fit these award-winning formats. But with Monsoon Yeti you can find the right business model that will deliver value to your clients.

Transform your know-how into a product →

Scale your content production capabilities

Create more STEM-based content easier and faster with a vetted team of writers and artists. Some subjects may be outside of our current abilities. But with Monsoon Yeti you have tried and tested processes that can be adapted to your most exacting content needs.

Produce more quality content →

Communicate complex messages effectively

Have audiences understand you easily under the guidance of experienced content strategists. This may seem like an impossible mission, especially in today’s globalized environment. But with Monsoon Yeti you can rely on years of proven international experience.

Reach out and be understood →

Optimize your online presence

Manage mobile and web assets for your brand conveniently with the help of a savvy creative group. Digital technologies can be hard to follow given how fast they evolve. But with Monsoon Yeti you do not have to worry; keeping up (and ahead) is our job.

Fine-tune your digital channels →