Discover how technology licenses work

Take advantage of innovative gamification technologies designed to strengthen audiences’ learning processes.

The license for you

Medical Joyworks technology licenses are designed for individuals and institutions operating within customer-facing environments, and who are seeking to reinforce key learning objectives with innovative micro-learning resources.

How our technology licenses work

The rights granted

When you license technology from Medical Joyworks, you are purchasing the right to utilize any of our gaming apps, as offered under our consumer brands: Clinical Sense by Medical Joyworks and Prognosis: Your Diagnosis. A gaming app is simply any of these brands, running in iOS, Google Android or a web browser.

With a license you are allowed to use, display, or modify gaming apps for reasons such as:

  • business and commercial needs;
  • educational uses;
  • research and development uses;
  • personal uses;
  • websites or blogs;
  • print and digital media;
  • editorial purposes;
  • advertising;
  • promotional and information-sharing purposes;
  • for use and display in both private and public spaces;
  • computer programs and applications;
  • marketing materials;
  • for use in trade show booths and at sales conferences.

The license implementation

Technology licenses are non-perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, non-sublicensable, non-transferable, with a global reach, and have a 12 month-long duration. Furthermore, they are simple to implement and manage thanks to Medical Joyworks’s streamlined customer support and legal frameworks.

Upon purchasing a license, the mobile app will be rebranded as per your specifications, loaded with the content you have, and then be deployed on the relevant platform. Medical Joyworks will handle all hosting and deployment arrangements.

However, modifications altering the app’s original gameplay format, as well as any significant rebranding work, are not included in the license and must be purchased separately. In instances when the changes requested cannot be accommodated by Medical Joyworks, we may recommend that the licensee work with our specialized agency, Monsoon Yeti.

In order to purchase a license, you must pay a license fee in accordance with our pricing and payment policies, and execute our licensing agreement.

Additional information

If you are interested in a content license but still have some questions, simply fill out the form at the top of this page and we will contact you.