Learning Modules Line Editor


The learning modules (LM) line editor is accountable for the production and release of learning modules. Our learning modules are designed to be friendly, entertaining and highly specialized, keeping readers engaged while they acquire valuable medical knowledge. Therefore, the LM line editor must ensure that all content meets our quality standards, while remaining attractive to even the most exam-drained medical students.

As the LM line editor, you will report to MJ’s chief editor. You must also be an adaptable, flexible and motivated person responsible for ensuring that all copy is clear from a grammatical, factual, and medical standpoint, and that it follows our editorial guidelines.

What you will do

  • Sourcing and managing freelance writers.
  • Assigning and supervising the production and release of learning modules across all MJ products.
  • Coordinating production flows and work streams to ensure a steady delivery of content for release.
  • Working closely with the chief editor and the broader MJ operations team.
  • Heavily editing a wide range of medical content for MJ, correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and applying our editorial guidelines.
  • Interacting with writers, peer reviewers, and the MJ medical team to resolve content and editorial needs.
  • Heavily fact-checking a wide range of medical content, and other content where required.
  • Using analytics and a continuous-improvement mindset to further develop necessary editorial and project management skills (always learning to do things better).


  • High medical literacy; be it a rigorous medical degree or medical journalism/writing background.
  • Minimum of 2 years in history taking, examination and diagnosis of patients.
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience editing or fact-checking at a print or online publication.
  • Excellent command of the English language.
  • Experience with a range of writing tones and styles.
  • Keen sense and attention for detail.
  • Keen wordsmith skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Experience negotiating changes with writers and editors diplomatically, with both humility and confidence.

Interpersonal skills

  • Be service oriented: work well with others, especially in remote settings.
  • Be a detective and an engineer: identify problems and solve them in a practical manner.
  • Be a multi-tasker: juggle many projects at once under steady deadline pressure.
  • Be curious: learn new things, all the time!

Your work setup

We operate as a distributed company, so everyone has the flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere so long as the work gets done. Hours are flexible, but you must be available for chats and calls within your geography’s normal weekly office hours (9am to 5pm).

Apply now

If this opportunity interests you, please submit your cover letter and CV to Miguel Molina, at miguel@medicaljoyworks.com.