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Discover detailed medical entries on diseases and conditions from the convenience of your mobile device. Other article repositories may overwhelm with more information. But with Explain Medicine you can quickly focus on the essential details that truly matter.

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Brush up on topics learned at medical school by skimming through concise, relevant, up-to-date and accurately referenced facts and explanations. Classrooms and books may be great for gaining new knowledge. But with Explain Medicine you have a great way to refresh that knowledge non-stop and all the time.

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Explore more than 700 different disease and condition entries. That quantity may not reflect their actual relevance. But with Explain Medicine you will be able to access the most common and relevant topics, with new articles released periodically.

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Study with vetted, high-quality learning modules crafted by experienced physicians and specialists who know what details to focus on. Getting the right things right is not easy. But with Explain Medicine you can count on a product that is painstakingly checked and updated.

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