Immune System


{"ops":[{"insert":{"image":"\/storage\/case-images\/cs\/P1_F1.jpg"}},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"insert":"Six year old Emily Kane is sitting in front of you, looking at you with big, tearful eyes. Since you\u0027ve been her family physician for several years now, you can\u0027t help but notice how different she is from her usual happy self.\n\nThree days ago, while on a home visit to check on her grandmother, you were informed that Emily was running a slightly high temperature. You reassured her family, asking them to bring her in if her condition deteriorated.\n\nShe developed a mild rash on her chest the following day. Over time, this progressed into an itchy, blistering rash spread over the face, chest and abdomen.\n"}]}


{"ops":[{"insert":"Examination reveals a temperature of 102 \u00b0F (38.9 \u00b0C), and a centripetal vesicular rash.\n\nSuspecting that this might be varicella, you go through Emily\u0027s immunization records and confirm that she has not been vaccinated against the disease. You also recall that she has been in good health until now and has shown age-appropriate growth and development.\n"}]}


{"ops":[{"insert":{"image":"\/storage\/case-images\/cs\/P1_F3.jpg"}},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"insert":"Holding her child protectively, Emily\u0027s mother awaits your opinion.\n\nWhat will you do now?\n"}]}
1. Prescribe oral acetaminophen (paracetamol)
2. Prescribe oral aspirin
3. Prescribe oral acyclovir