Female Reproductive System & Breast

{"ops":[{"insert":"Contraception: low-dose combined oral contraceptives"},{"insert":"\n","attributes":{"header":1}},{"insert":"Commonly referred to as the \u0027pill\u0027, combined oral contraceptive pills (COCP) contain synthetic estrogen and progesterone (or progestins). They are taken daily, so as to prevent pregnancy.\n\nCOCP are believed to prevent pregnancy via inhibition of follicular development and suppression of ovulation. This is a consequence of the negative feedback to the hypothalamus from the progestins contained in the pills.\n\nOther mechanisms that may help prevent pregnancy include thickening of the cervical mucus by reducing its water content, thereby inhibiting sperm penetration; reducing sperm transport in the Fallopian tubes by slowing tubal motility; and less certainly, alteration and atrophy of the endometrium, thereby theoretically inhibiting implantat"}]}

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