Nervous System & Special Senses

{"ops":[{"insert":"The Ferriman-Gallwey score"},{"insert":"\n","attributes":{"header":1}},{"insert":"The Ferriman-Gallwey score is used to quantify the degree of hirsutism in women. It is based on visual assessment of the amount of hair on the face, chest, abdomen, back, buttocks, inguinal region, perineal region, fingers, and toes.\n\nEach of the nine areas above is individually rated from 0 to 4, depending on the amount of terminal hair present, with a higher score indicating more terminal hair. These values are summed together to provide the final score.\n\nThe recommended cut-off values vary between ethnic groups. In Caucasians, a score \u22658 indicates hirsutism and suggests at androgen excess.\n\nA few points should be kept in mind. First of all, a score lower than the cut-off value does not exclude hyperandrogenism. In addition, arm and leg"}]}

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