Hydatid liver disease



At times, an uncommon condition can present in a common way. Are you upto treating such a case?

  1. Albendazole or mebendazole post-PAIR
  2. Casoni Intradermal Test
  3. Chemotherapy
  4. Differential diagnosis of a liver cyst
  5. Hydatid disease (cystic echinococcosis)
  6. Infection with Echinococcus granulosus
  7. Management of an anaphylactic reaction
  8. Medical treatment for hydatid disease
  9. Percutaneous treatment
  10. Preoperative preparation before PAIR
  11. Role of FNA in the diagnosis of hydatid disease
  12. Role of serological tests in the diagnosis of cystic echinococcosis
  13. Ultrasound classification of echinococcal cysts
  14. When to suspect a hydatid cyst
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