Giant cell arteritis



An elderly lady with new-onset headaches. Should you be concerned?

  1. Amaurosis fugax
  2. Asymptomatic aortic aneurysms: management
  3. CAP: empirical antibiotic therapy
  4. CAP: markers of severity
  5. GCA: aneurysm surveillance
  6. GCA: immunomodulators
  7. GCA: ocular symptoms
  8. GCA: steroid tapering
  9. GCA: temporal artery biopsy
  10. GCA: when to treat?
  11. Giant cell arteritis (GCA)
  12. Long-term glucocorticoids: osteoporosis prophylaxis
  13. PET scan
  14. Tocilizumab: details
  15. Tocilizumab: potential for infections
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