Three patients with metabolic acidosis. Three different underlying causes. Can you manage all of them successfully?

  1. Alkalinization in salicylate poisoning
  2. Cerebral edema in diabetic ketoacidosis
  3. Early alkalinization in salicylate poisoning
  4. Fluid management in diabetic ketoacidosis
  5. Gastric Decontamination in salicylate poisoning
  6. Hemodialysis vs. Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT)
  7. Indications for hemodialysis in salicylate poisoning
  8. Metformin Induced Lactic Acidosis (MALA)
  9. Monitoring plasma salicylate levels
  10. Precipitating factors of diabetic ketoacidosis
  11. Selection of fluid for alkalinisation
  12. Usage of activated charcoal
  13. Use of insulin in diabetic ketoacidosis
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