The power of gamified learning, used by doctors worldwide, for your classroom

Enhance the effectiveness of your teaching strategies with a proven, interactive and fun assessment resource.

Pushing the boundaries of education in today’s mobile environment!

Since 2010, Medical Joyworks has been helping medical students and young healthcare professionals improve their clinical skills in a unique manner: through mobile gamified learning apps.

Our apps have been downloaded more than 6 million times and are used in nearly 100,000 sessions each month. Every one of these user sessions is a testament to the appeal and success of mobile games as a means to learn complex, scientifically based subject matter.

Now, by giving academic institutions the means to use a tool loved by students and professionals worldwide, we enable educators to easily engage their audiences more effectively. Welcome to the world of mobile gamified learning. Discover Clinical Sense: University Edition.

The power of gamified learning, in your hands

As an education professional you are keen to engage, but also keen to fulfil your responsibilities of being a trusted expert and mentor.

Clinical Sense: University Edition allows you to do this conveniently. Through a simple, yet effective management console, you can deliver our scenario-based learning format to any medical audience and:

  • manage students across classrooms and courses,
  • review in detail MJ’s full catalog of clinical scenarios available for use,
  • assign scenarios to entire courses and classrooms,
  • monitor scenario-play performance of every classroom and individual, and
  • evaluate teaching curricula and lesson plans using valuable statistical data.

Simple integration, and even simpler use

Clinical Sense: University Edition is made for the researcher in you. The tool is compliant with the IMS Global Learning Consortium’s Learning Tools Interoperability 1.1 standard (LTI 1.1). This means that you can quickly integrate it into most learning management systems in the market today.

More importantly, any data generated by the students in your class is yours to keep and immediately accessible.

This way, you can explore interesting research questions while keeping your institution’s administrator happy.


Clinical Sense: University Edition is a pay-as-you-go service, meaning that you only pay for every month that you use. Pricing is per student. There are no additional fees, hidden or otherwise.

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