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If you are a practicing clinician, and would like to become a member of our content creation team, apply by filling out the form below. When pre-selected, you will be required to submit documents verifying your professional status.

Writing is an art, and a science

When you write for Medical Joyworks, you embark on a professional experience intended to nurture your personal and professional development.

As an MJ Author, you benefit by:
  • receiving remuneration for every deliverable that you create;
  • developing your academic research and writing skills under the guidance of experienced mentors;
  • being able to claim Continuing Professional Development (CPD) / Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits with your respective specialist association or certifying board for your educational writing activities with us,
  • having your name attached to any of our publications as the sole author, giving you further prominence in your field; and by
  • experiencing the friendliest, most professional and personally rewarding experiences we can offer.

MJ Authors must first contact their respective medical association or certifying board to learn whether they can claim CPD credits with MJ. Once confirmed, authors can contact us so that we may provide the necessary assistance required to move forward.

How it works

Becoming a skilled MJ Author takes time, effort, and immense attention to detail. Every one of our learning modules is written by an author and an editor working closely together. Writers provide the content, while editors ensure its desired focus and tone.

When pre-selected to become an author, you are invited to join our “content funnel”, where you develop your writing skills over time. Our learning modules are of several types, classified in accordance to their complexity level. The more complex the learning module type, the higher the reward for your work. Thus, to progress along the content funnel, you must quickly attain specific goals in a given time period with each learning module type, and always maintain these standards. Only then can you be invited to advance onto the next stage in the funnel.

The content that you create will always be revised by our editors and peer reviewers prior to its release. This ensures that we maintain editorial consistency throughout all of our work, and protects you from liability with regards to your inputs. After all, our publications are copyright of Medical Joyworks, LLC, so it is our responsibility to get them right.

Please be advised that, as an MJ Author, all materials that you received from us, our creation resources, and the deliverables you create for us via any medium, are all property of Medical Joyworks, LLC and are subject to appropriate copyright laws. Therefore, you will be expected to handle these with the utmost care and confidentiality.

With that in mind, apply today and make a difference worldwide!

Applicant prerequisites

To join Medical Joyworks as an MJ Author, you must submit a letter of interest and resume proving that you have the following:
  • superb medical acumen,
  • excellent command of the English language (at CEFR level C1, or higher), and
  • at least 2 years of work experience as a clinician.

Most of our authors are current users of our learning products; highly motivated professionals, with a healthy awareness of the MJ brand and its several content formats. This does not mean that you must be an MJ customer to join. Occasionally, someone with limited knowledge of our products will submit a CV. Regardless, make sure that you submit a spotless CV and letter of interest demonstrating your obsessive attention to every written detail.

A word regarding your privacy

Please note, all information you provide here, and afterwards, is essential for the operation and management of the MJ content creation operation; and its processing is done in compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. For further details, please visit our privacy policy.

Medical Joyworks agrees not to spam you or disclose your personal data to third parties without your consent.

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