Medical Joyworks is building the future of medical education globally. Our flagship app, Prognosis, has consistently remained in the iTunes App Store's Top Medical Apps list since it was launched in 2010, with over 1.5 million downloads.

Medical Joyworks is establishing itself as an undisputed leader in medical education. England’s Royal College of Surgeons has recognized Prognosis as one of the Top Five Medical Apps; and the United Nations has awarded Prognosis the “World’s Best” in the Mobile Health and Environment Category at the UN World Summit Awards in 2013. Prognosis was also featured in “Discover Magazine” as a game changing app in the medical field.

Medical Joyworks is incorporated in the United States and is headquartered in Sri Lanka. It is as multicultural and global as a company can get. We have employees working from all corners of the world, including Sri Lanka, the United States, Latvia, and more.

Our Culture

We believe in changing lives

We take pride in creating amazing products that make a real difference in the lives of our users. Love-mail from our users is our ambrosia.

We also want to provide our employees – even if you join us for just a year – with life changing opportunities. That’s why we provide foreign travel opportunities, because, after all, the modern professional is a nomad – ever- exploring, ever-discovering and ever-learning. And as a member of a diverse, talented team, you’ll learn from us while we learn from you – every different perspective helps broaden horizons.

We believe everyone has a voice

From the founders to the newest noob in the team, when it comes to making decisions that count, everyone has a say – you are encouraged to speak up and participate. Our individual and collective creativity and potential is unleashed in an open and trusting environment where all opinions can be presented and considered on their merit.

We believe in taking risks and celebrating failure

To deliver great achievements, we must navigate a path filled with risk, mishaps and uncertainties – the only way to create something new is to try something different. Failure, just as much as success, is evidence that you tried.

We believe in learning by doing

We are ready to test any hypotheses as we constantly strive to conceptualize, nurture and implement new ideas. The theories that matter most are those derived from practical experience.

We believe people should be allowed to work the way they work best

We don't expect people to do 9-5, and while we prefer couches to cubicles at work, we don't necessarily expect people to come to office to work – want to work at home, a coffee shop, a pub or a beach today? That’s fine.